We will be hosting a weekly bar class virtually on zoom. In partnership with Edible Excursions. Our next class is August 8th @ 5:00. Upon purchase you will be given a private zoom link.



Tropical Gin and Tonic

Lychee, Rambutan, and Longan Infused Gin

Half a Lime (Not Included)

Tonic Water


Enter the Dragon Punch (Option to Blend Drink)

2oz Infanta Lambanog (Filipino Vodka)

Dragon Fruit

Lemongrass Elderflower

Lime (Not Included)


Prickly Pear Gimlet

2 Oz Square One Botanical Vodka

Prickly Pear/ Agave Mixer

Lime (Not Included)


Summer Punch August 8th at 5PM